AI & Computer Vision

Smart People Counting

We developed AI-based people counting solutions for our clients.
Accurate Smart People Counting Solutions

Sebit has developed smart people counting solutions to monitor people flow under various scenarios. By applying video analytics, we help clients to minimize overcrowding, guide crowds and analyze people flow statistics.

The Benefits of Sebit’s Smart People Counting

The most common ‘traditional’ method of people counting is with sensors installed above the entrance of doors and lifts. However, sensors have a limited range of imaging and cannot detect large object which also occupies a large area.

With Sebit and our smart people counting, the system can:

1. Cover wider areas, as wide as the CCTV camera angle view.

2. Measure people flow such as dwell time and shop floor navigation.

3. Measure occupancy in a smart way, that is both large objects and people can be counted.

4. Apply face masking (blurring) to protect personal privacy if video recording is required.

Case Study 1

Our smart people counting system helps our client count lift car occupancy and people waiting in lift lobbies. The video analytics-driven system suggests passengers ride lifts with lesser people. As a result, all lifts/elevators can be fully utilized with fewer people waiting in lift lobbies during peak hours, achieving a more efficient people flow in the building.

Case Study 2

Many buildings allow their lifts to be occupied by both people and large objects (eg. baby trolleys in shopping malls, patient beds in hospitals). The elevators stop on every floor even when it has reached maximum capacity. Such events occur because the traditional method of estimating lift occupancy by weight often fails to take large objects into account. With our smart people counting system, a more accurate estimation of lift car occupancy can be sent to the lift control system to trigger bypass (skip floors) when the lift is full of either people or large objects.