IoT Solutions

Remote Monitoring of Escalators

We designed an IoT solution to remotely monitor the status of escalators.
Sebit Remote Monitoring of Escalators Infographic
An IoT Monitoring Solution

Sebit has designed and developed an effective tool to monitor the condition of escalators on one screen. Our IoT solution gives a real-time overview of escalator status and sends alerts when any sudden change occurs.

How Sebit’s Remote Escalator Monitoring Solution Works

1. Escalator Signals

Each escalator provides dry contact output signals to the monitoring device.

2. Monitoring Device

The monitoring device comprises a single board computer. It receives the signals from the escalator and records the data.

3. 4G/5G Network

The monitoring device uses a 4G/5G network to gain access to mobile data. The 4G/5G network ensures fast and reliable real-time connection to the cloud service.

4. Cloud Service

The signals from the monitoring device are sent over to a cloud service platform before finally delivering it to the supervisory panel webpage. Cloud service platforms make the supervisory panel accessible as they allow multiple users to view the data in real-time.

5. Supervisory Panel Webpage

Using a graphical user interface (GUI), the webpage displays the same information as a traditional supervisory panel. The interface is comprehensive and easy to use. Clients will be sent alerts if there are any sudden changes in status of escalators.