AI & Computer Vision

Transportation Safety Device: Signal Passed at Danger (SPAD)

With camera installed, SPAD could detect danger instantly and warn the driver with audio and video alarm signal. It can also send SMS to the control room if necessary.

Signal Passed At Danger (SPAD)

We developed a portable device (2 kg) for analyzing driving behaviours and detecting trackside condition to remind driver the potential danger they may face instantly. In case of any dangers detected, audio and visual warning will be triggered.  SMS will also be sent to the control room so that corresponding actions could be taken. This device won the Gold Award at Geneva Invention 2022.

Driving Conditions

For the conditions such as abnormal driving behaviours including drowsiness, yawning, phoning and smoking, and overspeed (over the preset value), alarm/SMS will be triggered to further prevent danger.

Trackside Conditions

For the following four conditions, alarm/SMS will be triggered.

1: Stop Signal

Early warning signal will be given when the stop signal is seen within a preset distance.  If the driver accidentally passes the stop signal, alarm will be on.

2: Improper Blade Position – Signal light-blade mismatch

3: Foreign Objects on Track – People, traffic cone, toolbox, cable drum, hoarding etc.

4: Buffer Stop Reminder

The device will emit “beeping” sound at an increasing frequency when approaching buffer stop so that the driver could make accurate estimation about when to stop.