AI & Computer Vision

Smart Lift Passenger Flow Anaylsis System

With instant people counting system, you could opt for the best route to go during peak hour.

System Introduction

We have developed a smart lift passenger flow analysis system. The system counts the number of people in lifts and lift lobbies of the building, retrieves lift status from the building’s central management system, and displays that information on a web-based dashboards.

By using computer vision, we perform people detection with our custom-built people counting device to count the number of people in each selected area in our client’s building. With real-time video input from the camera followed by calculations and the output of the number of the people count by AI computer, only the number value is uploaded to the cloud server through 4G. Most importantly, the privacy of our users is ensured as no video recording from the cameras is stored. This solution won the Silver Award at Geneva Invention 2022.

To retrieve real-time lift status of every lift in our client’s building, an industrial IoT gateway is used to convert Modbus RTU from the central management system to Modbus TCP. The gateway retrieves information including lift direction, lift floor and lift alarm, and uploads those data to the cloud server.

With the people count data from the people counting devices, along with the lift status retrieved from the central management system, the cloud server stores these data and uses them to update the web-based dashboard. The web-based dashboard has a table that gives an overview of every lift lobby and lift, with different colours representing the crowdedness and status of a lift lobby or a lift. The web-based dashboard is responsive for desktop, mobile or tablets, and can be tailor-designed for different projects.

Applications & Advantages  

1.      For users

- Waiting Time Shortened

In the past

In our client’s building, the lifts and lift lobbies are scattered across different areas. Before the implementation of the people counting system, users always encounter the problem of overcrowding during busy hours, where they must wait a long time for a lift and share a lift with many people.


With the people counting system and the web-based dashboard implemented, users can easily look for a lift or lift lobby that is not crowded, greatly reducing the waiting time for lifts, be it during emergency or peak hours, and the risks for being in a crowded and confined space.

2.      For enterprises

- Environmental-friendly and Cost-saving

The data that people counting system collected can be used for further data analysis. For example, our client can base on the people count of different locations at different time periods and devise an energy saving plan for the lifts.

- Easier Crowd Control

A bypass system can also be implemented where a fully occupied lift will skip floors until it reaches its destination, thus shortening the waiting time, enhancing the crowd control during peak hours.