Sebit Awarded Certificate for HKSTP Theme-based Co-Incubation on Artificial Intelligence 2021

On 3 May 2021, Sebit Company Limited was awarded the Certificate of Completion for HKSTP's Incu-AI Based Theme Cohort Computer Vision Track.

Sebit is one of 6 companies to have completed the programme. Throughout the programme, the incubatees received a series of business training and one-on-one business consultation.

Sebit would like to thank HKSTP for organizing the incubation programme that helped us to progress further as a company.

HKSTP's incubation programmes focuses on technological application (Incu-App), deep tech (Incu-Tech) and biotechnology (Incu-Bio). The programmes are tailored to support startups in each industry and technology. Find out more about the programmes:

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